Australian Red Clay

Australian Red Clay

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·         Among the most powerful detoxifying natural substances on earth, this clay compound has a zeta potential and a high drawing power of toxic substances and many other harmful elements from our bodies and many areas of the environment

·         The clay compound can act as an efficient delivery vehicle for mineral nutrients to the skin and body when applied topically and ingested in tablet/capsule or powder forms

·         Hydrated to a paste, it can draw oils and toxins from the skin and hair

·         It is a powerful adsorbent that can attract heavy metals and toxic cations onto the clay particle interior, neutralizing harmful particulates, pathogens, and toxins

·         It tends to have a relatively neutral to high pH factor

·         Its particle size includes fine grained colloids and electrolytes

·         Certain superior deposits contain a portfolio of macro, micro and trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, silica, copper, chromium, zinc, etc. all in bio-available form