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Growing up in Arizona you learn quickly to enjoy cooling drinks that are refreshing, invigorating and make you feel good.

 I always did love a nice huge cup of iced tea – sugar free of course. Tea has always had the ability of easing indigestion and tummy trouble, and acting almost as a mental clarifyer when my brain is fried from heat.

I love tea, and have learned to love green tea as well, both iced and hot.

 Although I have largely given up drinking coffee, my cup or two of iced or hot tea a day help keep me moving in the right direction and although they do contain caffeine, it has much less than I was having with my two huge cups of coffee a day habit.

Tea has been drunk in China and other parts of Asia for over 5000 years and is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 It is also used frequently in the traditional medicine of India called Ayurdeva.

 Tea is an “herb” with many reported health benefits, but recently green tea extract has brought its self on to the market with its high caffeine content and other additives that have caused the government to question the safety of the herb.